Can You Get Palliative Care at Home?


You can receive palliative care at home, in hospitals, in doctors’ offices, and other places, depending on what type of help you need and where you’re getting medical treatment. 

If you live near and receive care at a larger hospital or clinic, palliative care might be given there, with all the services you need (doctor, social worker, psychologist, chaplain, and more) available under one roof. But it might also be an option for the palliative care team to come to you where you live (at home, in a nursing facility, or in a senior community), so that you receive some or all of your palliative care at home. And if the care you need actually involves your home (if you need special medical equipment installed at home, for example), or if you are homebound because of your illness, that care will also happen at home.

In more rural areas a palliative care team may be smaller, but will connect you to other specialists in the community to get the help you need. Palliative care is a growing field, so more and more services are becoming available in more areas, but some are still limited. As with a larger team, you might receive services in an office or clinic, or you might get palliative treatment at home when it’s appropriate. If you are hospitalized because of your illness, the palliative care team may come to you and address your needs in the hospital.

Part of the palliative care team’s job is to help manage and coordinate your care. So if you do need palliative care at home, the team will work with you to make that happen using the resources available to them.

If you think you might benefit from palliative care, talk to your doctor about whether it’s right for you and how and where is best for you to get that care. You can browse palliative care providers in your area with our service finder:

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