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Samada wants to publish your personal story! You don’t need to be an experienced writer—you just need to have something to share related to caregiving or end-of-life. Your story is valuable and can help others.

What we’re looking for:

  • The ideal length is between 300 and 1,000 words long (but don’t worry if your story is a little shorter or a lot longer).
  • Stories are most helpful when you focus on one particular aspect of your experience. You can share practical advice, such as this story about Taking Away Your Parents’ Car Keys, or recount a particular moment, such as My Mom Was Always In Charge—Even When She Was Dying.
  • You can also submit a previously published blog post of yours, as long as you own the copyright and provide the original link (so we can give proper credit).
  • We suggest that you compose your story in a text editing app such as Word or Google Docs, then copy and paste it into our submission form.

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We suggest you write your story in a text editing app such as Word or Google Docs, then copy and paste here.

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